Pulp transport and dredger performance calculations
  • You will get an answer to the question, what will be the performance of the dredger by the pulp and dry per hour. In terms of your future operation: length, lift, pump type.
  • Price: from $500

Development of specifications for equipment based on the geological conditions of the object and annual production volume, the period of time the object's existence.
  • You will receive the requirements for the dredger, which can use as request for proposal
  • Price: from $1500 (plus overhead for site visit)

Conducting audits of technical and commercial offers of suppliers for compliance with their specifications to your needs
  • You will receive an initial opinion on the conformity of the proposed technique to carry out your tasks, information about the business reputation of the supplier on the market and jetting additional requirements, which you can send to producers for them to finalize the proposals.
  • Price: from $1000

Development of technological schemes of mining operations in non-standard conditions
  • There are situations where standard equipment can not perform the task that you set for the project and plans to enter into technological dead end. Engaging outside experts (in the consideration may be involved both experienced practitioners and academics employees) often moves the process forward.
  • Price: from $1100

Help in the organization of supply dredger

Accompanying the delivery from the moment the decision to conclude a contract with your chosen supplier until the acceptance of the dredger on your site
  • You will save yourself a headache to control supply. This will control the process of target expenditure of funds by the manufacturer, the quality of purchased materials and parts only from reliable suppliers, construction stages. Reports can be monthly or 1 every 2 weeks.
  • Price: from $10 000 (plus overhead for site visit)

Performing economic calculations
  • Development of feasibility studies of the project with the use of dredger
  • Price: from $1400