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Блог kolobkov.pro предоставляет информацию о различных аспектах отрасли гидромеханизации: новости рынка дноуглубления, добычи ПГС, новые технологии, оборудование и исследования.

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Блог будет особенно полезен для тех, кто только начинает свое знакомство с земснарядами и дноуглублением. Однако и опытные гидромеханизаторы могут найти для себя информацию, которая еще не публиковалась в российских источниках.

Как опубликовать новость или мнение?

Профессионалы, имеющие опыт в отрасли, а также компании, обладающие новыми разработками, которые могут быть интересны сообществу гидромеханизаторов, могут присылать письма автору блога. ​


Based on experience of coordinating construction of the dredgers with the technical and economic conditions of its operation

Selection of dredger

Selection of dredger

Skill based data on the objectives and specific conditions to choose the dredger, which will handle the task

Industry solutions

Industry solutions

Experience creating technical solutions for the nuclear industry, power stations, mining and processing plants, quarries and companies in the oil and gas sector

Process chain

Process chain

The ability to embed dredging equipment into the manufacturing line

Audit of proposals

Audit of proposals

Evaluation of technical proposals from manufacturers and identification of discrepancies with the tasks in front of the dredger

Pumping equipment

Pumping equipment

Knowledge of principles of selection of the pump flow part material depending on the granulometric composition and the abrasiveness of the dry material, the pH of the pulp

Market players

Market players

Knowledge of key market players in the manufacture of dredgers and dredging works

Curriculum vitae

The thorny path to the dredging

Technical Development Advisor СJSC "CHZNM" (www.chznm.ru), Russia

09.15. Speaker of Scientific and Technical Council of "Scientific Research Institute for Civil Defense and Emergency Situations" Ministry for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters of the Russian Federation

Subject: Technologies of multipurpose amphibious dredger "Vodyanoy" for the purposes of disaster management and prevention of the risks posed by floods

02.15. Speaker VII Russian Dredging Congress

Subject: Analysis of the dredging industry in Russia from 2011 to 2014 and forecast to 2015

With 04.14 Technical Development Advisor JSC "Hydromec" (hydromec.ru), Rybinsk, Russia

Since 1950 company produces:

  • dredgers with capacities ranging from 10 to 2000 cubic meters per hour on the ground: cutter-suction dredger's (CSD), amphibious, auger suction, backhoe(dipper), grab(clamshell), bucket, trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD)
  • pump stations both ground and floating versions at a rate of 100 to 200 000 cubic meters per hour by water
  • ground (pulp) and sewage pumps at a rate of 220 to 5000 cubic meters per hour by water
  • marker vessels: self-unloading barge, pontoon bridges, floating cranes, cargo-passenger ferries

02.13. Speaker of VI Russian Dredging Congress

Subject: Increased resistance to abrasion and destruction of dredging pumps by alloying steel with titanium carbide and vanadium

04.11 at 03.14 Head of sales support department JSC "Hydromec" (hydromec.ru), Rybinsk, Russia

03.10 at 04.11 Executive Director of the Russian representative office of the Czech production company "MBB Technik" (mbbtechnik.cz), Moscow

  • Manufacturing of stamps, molds, electroerosion processing

03.06 at 03.10, HR then Executive Director of the industrial holding company, Yaroslavl, Russia

  • Tooling factory (yzto.ru): production of stamps, molds and non-standard equipment
  • YZTO-Auto (yzto-avto.ru): production of spare parts for trucks and machinery
  • LumenPRO (lumen-pro.ru): the production of industrial led lamps
  • Diesel-Arsenal Auto (d-a-a.ru): supply of machinery for the construction industry, utilities and agriculture


Thank to people that taught me to do things the right way


Mam, dad and grandparents

They gave me the happiness of life and laid the foundation on which I can build my life

Lodygin Andrey

CEO of LLC "Trade house "Center of building materials" (dom35.ru), Vologda, Russia

"With any challenge can be overcome and make it more effective if you use a system approach"

Alexander Shutov

The member of Yaroslavl city Council and the owner of a production holding

"Significant results in life, business and politics can only be achieved by setting measurable goals and concrete actions"

Jan Stuna

The owner of “MBB Technik” (mbbtechnik.cz), Louny, Czech Republic

"Hurry, you're making a lot of unnecessary movements, wasting your time and power; a thoughtful approach to any problem approximates the solution step by step"

Evgeny Leonov

CEO "Hydromec Marine Solutions", Moscow, Russia (hydromec-ms.ru)

"You can calm down and consider his task completed, if the system, whether it is people or equipment that works like a Swiss watch"

Daniil Garbuz

Chairman of the Board of "Hydromec Shipyard", Moscow (hydromec.ru)

"I do not recommend you to make important decisions in haste or emotion. You need to give them time to mature, to crystallize"


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